About Us

“Every time I sharpen a pair of skates I’m looking for damage that needs correction. Because every imperfection has a direct blade-to-ice relationship. And in the end, there is nothing more gratifying than a satisfied customer – a better skater.”

Dave Amodeo noticed that there were major inconsistencies in skate care in the Durham Region and took it upon himself to change that fact.

The change began with the opening of Procut Skate Sharpening in 2000. The business was a direct response to a pressing need to bring the kind of technology, artistry and knowledge that was normally only found with professional trainers and teams to the local level – to the next generation.

Each skater has his/her own skating style and therefore demands unique sharpening requirements. The Procut team gathers information from the customer that is combined with years of hands-on experience to produce a tailor-made sharpening which has propelled thousands of satisfied customers.

Every member of the Procut Sharpening team shares the same vision. Each has been expertly trained through years of experience. It is their profession and their passion. Not all skate sharpeners can say the same thing.